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??? ???????????? Home (2012)

home0 ??? ???????????? Home (2012)

??? ???????????? Home (2012)

Plot Synopsis

Orot is an architect who is designing an old house to become a modern restaurant. But the spirit of the former owner’s daughter still lingers at this place and she falls in love and decides to have sex with him.

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Totoy Mola (1997) Dvdrip

54115480ba6977a5e646d1eb240a1f67073ae64 Totoy Mola (1997) Dvdrip

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Babae sa Bubungang Lata (1998)

babaesabubunganglata88a Babae sa Bubungang Lata (1998)

Aka : Woman on a Tin Roof

Stars: Aya Medel, Mike Magat and Anita Linda

Plot :
Babae Sa Bubungang Lata (Woman On A Tin Roof, 1998) isn’t about films so much as it is about the people who make them. Not the film directors or producers or stars (as in Frederico Fellini’s 8 1/2 or Francois Truffaut’s Day For Night), but the little people on the marginal fringe. It’s based on a play written by Agapito Joaquin back in the 70’s, a little chamber drama about an actor Maldo (Mike Magat) and his faithless wife, Toying (Aya Medel). O’Hara, in adapting the play to screen, has updated all the cinematic references, and changed the actor to a stuntman. He added Amapola, an aging actress (Anita Linda); Nitoy, a billboard painter (Frank Rivera); his stuntman lover, Eric (Renzo Ruiz) and all kinds of subsidiary characters and their stories. The result looks less like a chamber play and more like Ishmael Bernal’s Manila By Night, like Robert Altman’s Nashville, or Short Cuts: people and their stories weave in and out of each other’s lives, crossing, opposing, loving each other.

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Kabit Ni Mrs. Montero 1999 DVDrip

Kabit+ni+Mrs+Montero 99 sf Kabit Ni Mrs. Montero 1999 DVDrip

Starring : Edu Manzano , Gardo Verzosa , Patricia Javier , More

What drives a married woman to seek another man? What kind of hunger is there that compels her to crave? What sort of fire incites her to embrace sin? A daring adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s controversial novel, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” ANG KABIT NI MRS. MONTERO tells the story of a young, beautiful wife (Patricia Javier) whose wealthy but paraplegic husband (Edu Manzano) cannot provide her the physical intimacy she desires. And to satisfy her hunger for the flesh, she takes on a lover (Gardo Versoza).

3wn8650sl208 Kabit Ni Mrs. Montero 1999 DVDrip

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Hudas 1987 DVDRip

index Hudas 1987 DVDRip

Plot :
Si Myla ay biktima ng away pamilya dahil sa lupa.
Pinatay ang buong pamilya niya at siya ay pinagsamantalahan.
Dumaan ang mahabang panahon at sinimulan nyang ipaghiganti ang kanyang pamilya sa mga umapi sa kanila.
Nagkaroon siya ng boyfriend na isang pulis.
Lingid kay Myla at Nanding, ang ama nito ang isa sa mga gumahasa kay Myla noon.

Malaman kaya ni Myla na ang ama ng boyfriend nya ang gumahasa sa kanya?
Ano ang kahihinatnan ng kanilang pag-iibigan?

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[HK Cat 3] West Journey 2 (2007)

7018221 [HK Cat 3] West Journey 2 (2007)
AKA: Westsex Journey

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Part 2 :

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[Korean] The Hypnotized (2004)

index [Korean] The Hypnotized (2004)
A.K.A: Eolguleobtneun minyeo |Faceless Beauty |Hypnotized

Cast: Kim Hye-Su, Kim Tae-Woo, Chang Yun, Jeong-su Han

Jin-su, suffering from borderline personality disorder, is a failed novelist who attempts suicide after learning of her husband’s affair. She is committed to an institution which she soon leaves.

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[ Italy ] Identification of a Woman (1982)

20090813185942bb1 [ Italy ] Identification of a Woman (1982)
aka Identificazione di una donna

Plot :
Michelangelo Antonioni’s Identification of a Woman is a body- and soul-baring voyage into one man’s artistic and erotic consciousness. After his wife leaves him, a film director finds himself drawn into affairs with two enigmatic women: at the same time, he searches for the right subject and actress for his next film. This spellbinding antiromance was a late-career coup for the legendary Italian filmmaker, and is renowned for its sexual explicitness and an extended scene on a fog-enshrouded highway that stands with the director’s greatest set pieces.

Video Caption :

116kacflrrzd [ Italy ] Identification of a Woman (1982)
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[Pinku] Sex Hunter (1980) Sei kari udo

sexhunter1 [Pinku] Sex Hunter (1980) Sei kari udo

Cast :
Erina Miyai
Ayako ?ta
Nobuyuki Inoue
Teruo Matsuyama
Seru Rand?
Nobuko Matsumoto
Yukari Taguchi
Rei As?
K?ji Yashiro
Takashi Kanematsu
Tessen Nakahira
Sh? Masui

Plot / Synopsis
A movie from the director of EVIL DEAD TRAP, based on a manga by Dirty Matsumoto.
Sex Hunter opens with an exquisitely photographed performance of Swan Lake featuring Miki as the prima ballerina. After the recital she receives numerous bouquets, one of which is from.
Akiko, a renowned ballerina who runs an exclusive ballet school. On her way home after the show Miki is approached by Akiko who invites her to join her academy. Miki agrees and is brought to the isolated location at once to begin her training.

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